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Day 8 - ‘Painting’ task, Final evictions, Winner announced

At around midday on the final day, Jack was telling Keith how he’d been imagining a gruesome thriller set in the house where everyone died one-by-one. The experience was obviously getting to him!

A few hours later, Big brother had set the group their final task. They had to paint their favourite view of the house. Jack seemed like a natural and looked like a dab hand with the watercolours. Conversely, Keith struggled to remember how to make the colour pink!

At 5.20pm, having finished their pictures, the 3 remaining contestants sat for their final meal together. Within an hour they presented them to Big Brother:

Keith’s ‘Pants To Poverty’ painting featured some Comic Relief pants, the big lips drawn on the wall inside the house and Big Brother’s all-seeing eyes.

Claire’s ‘My Memories’ featured something to represent all the contestants. This included Chris’ boxer shorts complete with boxing glove on the front, playing cards for Keith and a Guitar for Jack.

Jack’s painting, by far the best and most ‘arty’ looking of the lot, represented the silhouette of the cameras and cameramen, just visible behind the many 2-way mirrors around the house.

At almost 8.30pm, Keith was the first of the remaining three celebs to be kicked out of the house, a part of Red Nose Day live TV event. Met by Davina and in the presence of an army of fans, Keith was asked what he was most looking forward to doing? As Davina had apparently predicted with the crowd earlier in the evening, his response was, “I need a drink!”

During the Comic Relief programme presenter Zoe Ball asked Jack if he realised that he’d turned into a sex symbol whilst in the house. Quick-witted, Jack replied, “What do you mean, turned into?!” When asked whom he would have liked to have gone in his place Jack said almost scathingly, “Mark Lamarr.”

Shortly after, it was time to announce the outright winner. It was Jack Dee. He would have to stay in the house a little longer announced Davina, much to Jack’s apparent dismay! So, in the tipping rain, Davina went to collect Claire from the house. Keith had already gone ahead and met Claire at the door, walking her to Davina and a huge welcoming party of family and friends. This prompted a few tears from the overwhelmed scouse beauty.

Following this, it was time to go and collect Jack from the house. Waiting outside the door was his wife Jane, who gave Jack a big hug and walked him down the walkway. Both seemingly oblivious to the torrential rain. Firework fountains followed them down the walkway and a spectacular display exploded into the air. Jack was then met by his Mum and Dad and watched highlights of his antics in the house; this re-iterated how funny he’d been and confirmed his status as the rightful winner. Contrary to his usual comedy character, the smile never left Jack’s face the whole time and to justify his (well, everyone’s) efforts, Davina announced that calls to Celebrity Big Brother had raised over half a million pounds for Comic Relief.

A little later, at the end of what must have been an emotionally exhausting day, Jack and the other 5 contestants were reunited and interviewed live on TV by Graham Norton. Chris Eubank did most of the talking and took some stick from the host. Keith was also ribbed for his continual drinking! Jack took the opportunity to reminded everyone that the show’s success was down to the housemates that made a bigger contribution by showing emotion, arguing or doing something that everyone could feed off. He had certainly made things more interesting himself, but respect to Chris and Vanessa without whom it would almost certainly have been nowhere near as interesting to watch.

When asked if they would do it again, Chris was very enthusiastic and Claire joined him in confirming that she really enjoyed it. As they were all winners really for taking part, they each received a ‘tacky (in true Graham Norton fashion) oversized gold winners medal, presented by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.


We’d really like to thank all the celebs for taking part and providing us with some absolutely unmissable TV for the past 8 days. We initially thought that the group was a little uninspired. However, despite those thoughts and the fact that the press have harshly harped-on about them being B-list celebs, we genuinely feel that there couldn’t have been a more entertaining group of people involved.

Finally, many thanks to our readers for sticking with us, making all those calls and donating so much money to such a worthy cause.

Well done everyone. See you again soon for our coverage of Big Brother UK Series-2. Why not register your contact details with us using the form on our Home page so we can keep you informed of site progress.

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