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Day 7 - ‘Parenting’ task, ‘Wild West’ party

On day 7, just 3 contestants remained in the house; they would all stay until Friday now.

Jack was up early and got quizzed by Big Brother about the loose ceiling tile in the toilet. Jack, who’d borrowed a screwdriver from Big Brother the previous day, admitted, “Yes I did it.” Another break-out attempt no doubt! He promptly received a lecture about safety, which provoked a schoolboy-like smirk on the comedian’s face.

Half an hour later, the still half-asleep Jack found the day’s task. Each contestant had to look after a ‘Juanita’ baby simulator for the day. Bemused, he went to wake the others up to tell them the good news.

At around midday, the group were getting into the swing of ‘parenthood.’ Jack and Keith, both fathers, matter-of-factly discussed changing nappies while Claire, single and not a parent, got stressed with her baby. Ironically, Claire had unwittingly chosen the most demanding of the simulators! Watching her struggle made Jack laugh and Keith eventually lent a hand, so Claire could eat.

Several hours later, Keith napped on the sofa while Jack and Claire tended to their babies. They discussed Vanessa and how the public would have reacted to her outbursts. Jack said that he hoped she get some sympathy and described her as looking ‘beautiful’ for the few moments she poured her heart out and was being honest on day 3. They agreed that in the house it was ‘back to basics’ personality-wise.

At 7.45pm, the group were ready for their party that Big Brother had provided for caring for the babies. They chose a Wild West theme and donned chaps, Stetsons and other such clothes to get into the swing of it. However, when Claire suggested a spot of line dancing after their meal, Jack pointed-out that there was no music.

Lo and behold, Big Brother suddenly started playing Dolly Parton tunes into the house or, “Go ahead and make a tit out of yourself music” as Jack cynically called it! Nevertheless, they all had a great time, ‘swinging their partners’ around the bales of hay provided. A fun end to a somewhat stressful day for Claire after her slightly comical baby-sitting experience.



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