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Day 6 - ‘Assault course’ task, Anthea leaves the house

After 6 days in the house, the remaining contestants had got into morning routines: Jack baked bread, the girl’s did hair and make-up and Keith slept!

Having blown most of their budget on booze, they realised were running low on more important stuff. Earlier, Anthea had been scoring Brownie points by cleaning out the chicken coop without being asked. However, Big Brother requested that the group cleaned the glass around the house in return for some garlic and other bits and pieces.

Jack, who humorously squirted himself in the face with the window cleaning fluid, went to see Big Brother: "Yes, garlic’s about 49p isn’t it…cheap labour in this house!" came Jack’s sarcastic retort.

Later, they needed Olive Oil and Keith offered to train naked for a while in return for some. Anthea put this proposal to (the female) Big Brother who went for the idea and agreed! However, the modest Keith backed-out, saying he was, "Not a big lad" and didn’t want to compromise his marriage by jiggling about in the buff.

At nearly 3pm, recovering from their a fry-up lunch, the latest task had been set…a physical one; just what they needed after that meal! It was the monkey bars/assault course of series-1. The contestants had 7 minutes to complete the course and although initially sceptical of their success, gambled half their rations. Donning cycle helmets the group completed the task in 3 minutes, well ahead of their allowed time. This gained them £7.50 winnings; what would they spend it on? Surprise, 2 bottles of cider and a can of Guinness!

In the evening, Anthea cooked scones and a pasta meal. During the meal they discussed the infamous ‘Cadbury Snowflake’ Wedding incident. It was established that Anthea was kind of duped into having the photo taken with the choccy bar and received no cash from Cadburys for the subsequent promotion.

Just before 10pm, the result of the public eviction vote was announced. It was Anthea. Jack, sat waiting in his obligatory hat and coat, looked gutted again. Anthea sympathised and gave him her share of cider. Following big hugs from Claire and Keith and a pre-arranged ‘not really bothered’ handshake from Jack, Anthea left the house dressed in red leather strides.

Met by her husband, she described her experience as an ‘unbelievable adventure’ and said she’d made friends that she’d definitely keep in touch with. She predicted that Jack would win. In the meantime, Jack spotted his wife and made a dash towards her. They met on the walkway for a big emotional hug, which made Claire’s eyes well up.

Back in the house, Jack discussed how ‘you learn a lot about yourself when you are incarcerated and have have-to adhere to rules.’ He talked about Vanessa’s vulnerability and later said that she would have been an ‘ambulance case’ had she stayed.

A relatively early night, everyone was in bed by around 1am. Claire joined the boys in their room and in discussing what to say to the media upon leaving, Jack said to just say ‘what they saw happened’ and no more…"Unless they offer you money" he added!



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