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Day 5 - ‘The Sun’ flies over, 3rd and final nomination results announced

Big Brother woke the group early, but they all buried themselves under the covers, doing their best to ignore it! They needed to be up early to hear the results of the previous day’s nominations.

When they’d managed to get up, Anthea couldn’t resist the temptation to take the p*** out of Vanessa now that she’d gone. Claire and Jack picked-up on this, with Jack impersonating Vanessa by whimpering like a kid. This ‘mocking’ echoed the events when ‘Caggy’ left the house in series-1.

Later, The Sun Newspaper tried their remote-controlled chopper stunt again. Unlike last year, this time they were successful with their ‘leaflet drop,’ scoring a direct hit on the chicken coop! Big Brother confined the housemates to one room and scrambled the security guys, who quickly cleared the area of all the ‘We Back Jack’ leaflets.

After lunch the nominated celebs were individually called to see Big Brother. Anthea was happy to either stay or go. Keith was also fine about it. Jack spun a line about how invaluable he was and then cruelly suggested that he should be the one to go next, just to see the others struggle. Brilliant!

Then, a double crisis hit the house: not only had teabags supplies run dangerously low, there was just half of a bottle of booze left to last 3 more days. How would they cope?! Work began on their task sober, despite hinting that alcohol would boost their creativity. 2 hours later the task, to write a song based on their experience in the house, was complete.

Early evening, they performed their song to Big Brother. On vocals and guitar, Jack was great. Claire sung like a pro. Anthea was a bit lacking and Keith, the music professional, was nothing special at all. Overall though, not a bad effort…but it could have been a lot more entertaining if fuelled by booze!

A little later, on the off-chance Keith begged Big Brother to supply alcohol with the meal they’d earned completing their task. Generously, Big Brother obliged.

Later that evening, the group retired to the girls’ bedroom where they switched-off the main lights and lit candles. However, acting like a true big brother, the all-seeing power switched the lights back on and spoiled the fun. “Bastards!” was Anthea’s retort to the powers that be.

Shortly after, Anthea walked-in on Jack who was sat on the loo; there is no lock on the toilet door! Initially embarrassed, she later laughed it off. At 12.30am the group played cards and Anthea, sure she would be leaving the next day, pledged to make scones before she left. However, the remaining contestants would probably have appreciated some kind of helicopter ‘alcohol drop’ instead!

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