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Day 4 - Vanessa evicted, 'Topiary' task, 3rd and final nominations

After a bit of a booze-up the night before, almost everyone was up early with some reaching for the paracetamol upon waking. Keith, however, didn’t surface until almost 1.30 in the afternoon.

Anthea had asked Big Brother for towels and washing powder. In return, the group was made to cleanout the chicken coop. The girls donned hats, coats and rubber gloves to take-on the task and upon seeing them actually doing some work, Jack remarked to Keith, “Look at the state of that!” He grabbed his camera and went outside to mock by taking a photo of the three in action, ‘mucking out.’

Later, the housemates worked on their task, which was to each make a model from a basket of leaves and twigs. The girls cracked-on with the job with almost too much enthusiasm whilst the lads looked initially somewhat clueless!

In the evening they displayed their creations to Big Brother: Jack’s was sensible, resembling a Rwandan Woman. Claire’s looked like a football with a mohican, stuck in a hedge. Keith’s featured genitals and had a beer can on it’s head. Vanessa’s sported leopard skin pyjamas and a ‘mop’ of blonde hair a la ex-Corrie Landlady ‘Bet Lynch.’ And Anthea’s looked like Mr Blobby after an accident with a leaf-blowing machine! Big Brother rewarded them with a movie.

Around 9.30pm it was almost time for the result of the public eviction vote. Jack suddenly emerged from the bedroom in a brown overcoat and flat cap, reminiscent of a Harry Enfield character. Everyone cracked-up at the sight of him.

It was announced that Vanessa would be evicted and Jack acted pissed-off that it wasn’t him; he went to ‘sort out’ Big Brother. Looking desperate, he suggestively asked, “Could you rig it?” but Big Brother said no. Jack’s expressions throughout were hilarious.

Just before 10pm Vanessa was kicked-out, meaning poor old Jack would be confined to the house for at least another couple of days! The 3rd and final nominations followed but the housemates wouldn’t know the result until Day 5.

Shortly before midnight the remaining four watched the movie they’d earned earlier that day. Just as it started however, Keith decided to announce to everyone that he’d ‘had a poo.’ Great, thanks for telling everyone Keith!

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