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Day 3 - Vanessa flips-out, 'Memory' task, 2nd Nomination results announced

On day 3, Big Brother woke the group early by switching on the bedroom lights 'Mum' style! Nomination results followed for which everyone wore dark 'bins. Not to look cool, but to hide any blubbing should it occur again.

Big Brother announced that either Jack or Vanessa was destined to be kicked-out on day 4. Vanessa was convinced that it would be her. Jack, who'd already made an escape attempt, pleaded (to the camera) "Don't let me down Britain."

A little while later Jack recounted the tale of his escape bid, something Vanessa had slept through. Once again, he spiced-up the story and exaggerated every detail. In reality, he didn't leave the Big Brother compound.

As the group prepared for their task using the blackboards and chalk provided, Vanessa completely flipped-out. Like a woman possessed, she frantically scribbled all over the table top, showing-off just how many 'big words' she knew. The others were bemused and/or scared and had there been a straight jacket in the house, Vanessa would almost certainly have been bundled into it! When Big Brother ordered her to the diary room, it was told sharply to "F*** OFF" by the frustrated ex-chat show host!

A lot of blubbing later, Vanessa had snapped out of it and joined the group with the task, a memory test. The last to take a turn, success hinged on Vanessa and the now stable housemate didn't let the group down. They passed with ease.

From 7pm to 9pm, Vanessa wrote an article for a daily newspaper on a typewriter blagged from Big Brother. It contained the line, "Nothing in my life before, prepared me for the intense and emotionally-charged experience that is Big Brother." She had re-gained some respect from the group by acknowledging that she'd totally over-reacted earlier that day.

Everyone stayed-up until the early hours. The others took a dip in the Jacuzzi while Jack got up to his tricks again: when the front door wouldn't open he continuously rattled the handle, arousing the guard dogs. Ever mischievous, he then grabbed a nearby didgeridoo, aimed it at the bottom of the door and blew into it just to annoy the dogs!

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