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Day 2 - Chris gets evicted, Jack breaks-out, 2nd Nominations

The day began with Chris, wearing a blue swimming cap for no apparent (or sensible!) reason, getting the girls dancing to his rhythm with a spot of Jamaican dancing. Jack provided the music on his guitar.

At midday, the 6 gathered 'round to make their shopping list. The most important thing of course, was booze. Chris tried to convince them not to drink, but his mere presence made it essential!

Later, and after continuous verbal sparring between the ex-boxer and the ex-Chat Show Host, the group began their task. It was to customise a pair of underpants for one another, to be unveiled at fashion show in the house that evening. Jack chose the biggest pair he could find for Vanessa.

At the fashion show Chris got virtually all his kit off, showing his musclebound bod and proving that he still works-out regularly. Keith, danced an Irish jig in huge pair of decorated Y-fronts and a vest, showing that he doesn't still work-out regularly!

Later that evening, after a few more rounds of arguing with Vanessa, Chris got the 'boot. Anthea had survived the first round of nominations. The second round of nominations followed, the results of which would not be announced until Day 3.

In the early hours Vanessa went to bed, leaving Anthea, Claire and Keith messing around in the Jacuzzi. Jack tried to tunnel his way under the fence with a rake, but as soon as he realised the gate was unlocked, he did a runner! Security searched for 40 minutes and eventually found him hiding behind a porta-cabin. He was swiftly marched back to the house and walked-in with his face all camo'd up with mud 'commando' style. Jack exaggerated how far he'd got, saying he made it to Stratford but had decided to come back 'cos it was for charity. An absolutely hilarious end to the day.

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