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Day 1 - Contestants enter the house, 1st Nominations

The 6 celebs arrived in style, quite literally in Chris Eubank's case with him decked-out in his customary, but totally unnecessary, jodhpurs and walking stick garb. Both Jack and Anthea's smuggling attempts were foiled by the thorough Security guys, who frisked the pair and promptly made them hand-over mobile phones and other hidden electronic gadgetry. Once inside, Jack broke the ice and made everyone laugh with an ironically funny quip about getting away from all the cameras.

Jack and Claire checked-out the chickens, Anthea and Vanessa made girly talk in the bedroom and Keith tried to make conversation with Chris. Not easy.... at least, not that easy to get a word in edgeways, nor to get a sensible word out of Chris.

At lunch, Chris challenged Keith, suggesting he was gay. This was because Keith had grabbed Chris' crotch for a laugh at a charity event months before. During the meal Jack was amused virtually every time Chris spoke, almost cracking up at one point.

Chris & Vanessa boxingLater, Chris showed Vanessa some boxing moves. By that stage of the day and wearing a pair of boxing gloves, she must have been tempted to 'accidentally' miss the punchbag being steadied by Chris!

After just 8 hours together, the housemates were required to make nominations for the first eviction, live to the nation. They all found the experience fairly difficult but Chris and Jack copped-out by choosing their nominations randomly, using bits of paper and playing cards. Jack got confused and messed-up his choices, consequently letting Claire off the hook as far as being nominated went. Anthea and Chris unsurprisingly faced eviction and both looked a bit shaken when told.

Chris disappeared off to bed quite early while Keith, looking worse for wear on drink, brought up the subject of masturbation embarrassing everyone but Vanessa. The 5 sat chatting around the sofas until well past 3am, polishing off the remainder of the wine rations.

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