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1st Official Evictee: It's Jackie!

For around 24 hours now, the British public has been voting to evict the first person of the series. Tonight, Jackie Stallone become that person, having gained just 33% in the public vote to save her, and been survived by John McCririck.

Having entered the house four days after the other Celebrity housemates, Jackie was really brought-in just to cause friction with Brigitte. And it worked, but not in the way that the producers perhaps thought?

Upon her ex mother-in-law's arrival, Brigitte threatened to quit almost straight away but Germaine did actually quit, giving Brigitte time to think her decision over.

In the meantime, Jackie began annoying everyone, not just Brigitte, with her totally clueless grasp of the concept of the show. Not to mention her incredible laziness. It made for some entertaining viewing though.

To be fair, Jackie is quite an old 'gal and was a veritable lamb to the slaughter; she was apparently duped into appearing on the show and had little real chance of bonding with everyone - standby contestants never do.

However, she seemed savvy to the fact that the show's producers probably hoped she would be at Brigitte's throat and vice versa. But that didn't happen.

In fact, in the end the pair patched-up their differences and healed some old wounds, so both were probably pleased that they'd got to meet again.

You could say that Big Brother's little ploy backfired. Too bad Bro!

When told that she would be leaving, Jackie said triumphantly, "Yeah!" but fellow nominee John looked genuinely distraught at the fact that he would be staying.

"Serves you right... you should stay and be tortured," scathed Jackie at her sideburn-wearing arch enemy.

John almost blamed Jackie for the fact that he wasn't leaving, rudely suggesting that if it weren't for her (being so bad), he would have been out.

This made the group laugh, but Jackie showed her ability to trade insults was equal if not superior, and earned an even bigger laugh for her fantastic retort:

"I've got news for you. If I'd known YOU were here, I wouldn't have even shown up!"

Classic stuff!

So BB fans, one down, seven to go. We'd just like to note that our Poll, which helped us make £42 betting on Jackie's eviction, was pretty much spot-on this time, registering a result of 65/ 35% in favour of getting rid of Jackie.

Please check-out our CBB3 Betting Zone section for details and see the Home page of the site for more fun Polls.

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