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Big Bro Sets Caprice A Secret Task

This afternoon, Big Brother routinely called someone into the diary room and Caprice unwittingly volunteered for a Top Secret mission by going in.

Having taken a seat, she soon discovered Big Bro's secret agenda: "Housemate. This voyage of discovery must be taken alone. To give yourself a lift, you must first become an outsider and open the door to a new perspective where red lights do not always mean stop".

Caprice swiftly searched the garden and soon saw one of the perspex rods on the wall by the patio turn red. She pulled the rod and discovered that it opened a concealed door leading to a secret glass lift. Oooh, mysterious!

Upon entering a corridor which later turned-out to be the lift, Caprice was initially accompanied by all the housemates until Big Bro chucked the others out.

With the excitable group looking on, Caprice was then elevated above the garden, enabling her to read a message on the large screen inside the compound, for her eyes only.

It was a clue as-to how the beautiful blonde might find a secret room somewhere within the house, something she later did by uttering the magic words in front of a diary room mirror.

Once inside the secret room, the 33-year-old model found a tape of her fellow housemates talking about her, which she was permitted to watch but not discuss.

On the tape, Brigitte gave nothing but compliments, John described her as a cold 'cash register', Kenzie called her a 'hot chick' and Bez said how chuffed he was to share a pillow.

Caprice looked totally shocked at the end, but that was probably more to do with John's comments about making love to her than the concept of watching the tape. Euurgh!

The angry model later challenged John over why he puts people down for being ambitious, but the lardy ignoramus just came out with his usual patronising and sexist waffle.

Tell you what John, why don't you make it your ambition to be nice for just one day? Miracles CAN happen!

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