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Who Goes Tonight? YOU decide!

After having spent 8 (John) and 4 (Jackie) nights in the Big Brother house respectively, one of those two nominees will exit in the first eviction of the series tonight.

Last night John, who has been suspected of sending betting odds out to his colleagues via Tic-Tac whilst in the house, thought that he was a dead cert to go.

The grumpy racing pundit has wanted to leave since day one, but won't quit because he doesn't want to forfeit his appearance fee.

Second oldest contestant John, who admits that he is an unlikable character, is only in it for the money, not for the 'social experiment' aspects of the show.

Jackie, who on her first day appeared to be totally clueless about where she was or even what the show was about, has really grown on us lately.

Okay, so she might be a slightly batty octogenarian Yank (no-one knows for sure), but Jackie is somehow compelling to watch, if not easy on the eye!

And there lies the problem: we're not keen on losing either nominee at this stage, as there are others in the group who offer less in the way of entertainment.

Still, short of Big Brother throwing Jackie and John into the bedsit in a fake eviction as with BB5's Emma and Michelle, one of them has to go.

Who stays, who goes? As always, that's down to you, so make sure you register your vote and help raise money for charity in the process.

Please see the previous 'Voting Telephone Numbers' story for the, erm, voting telephone numbers. Doh!

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