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Just How Old IS Jackie Stallone?

There's been lots of talk recently amongst fans about Jackie's true age, but it has remained a complete mystery all week.

She claims to be 71-years-old, but Brigitte recently stated that Jackie's son, Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone, would be 60 on his next Birthday.

That would make Jackie just 11 when she had him. Hmmm?

Okay, so maybe Brigitte got it slightly wrong, as the IMDB database which lists all major actors gives Sly's birthday as July 1946, making him 58.

Still the figures don't add up, as Jackie would have been 13 when he was born. But, during the recent Spin the Bottle game, Jackie claimed that she remained a virgin until the age of 18.


We've been sent all sorts of evidence purporting to bear-out that Jackie is anything from 76 to 84 years old, but have seen no real proof as such.

Even the Celebrity Big Brother 3 programme makers, who may or may not be covering-up for Jackie, claim that they've seen her passport and it states that she was born in 1933, making her 71.

Can these things be faked, we wonder?

On that note, it's a shame that we can't tell Jackie's age from her appearance. Certainly her face doesn't give much away... mainly 'cos it's not her face!

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