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Laugh? Kenzie Nearly Cried

Jeremy and Kenzie were in absolute stitches at Jackie's misfortune last night, and it made for some hilarious viewing!

Having both hit the sack early at around 11pm, the pair were laid in their beds when Jackie returned from the loo.

However, in the darkened room she couldn't see where she was going and pinged off the beds trying to find the way to her separate bedroom.

The boys starting giggling at first but their merriment quickly grew, until Kenzie was absolutely killing himself laughing at Jackie's misfortune.

With the lads' infectious laughter starting to affect Lisa, and even John smirking at the old dot's mistake, they explained, "She walked straight into the wall and tried to push it".

"She was bouncing off the beds like a pinball machine!"

Kenzie, still laughing uncontrollably, said, "I pray to God (that) she needs to p**s again," before suggesting they spread some obstacles across the floor for the oldest housemate to trip over.

Oh so cruel, but oh so funny!

Of course, they would never have actually gone ahead with Kenzie's suggestion, but as their giggling continued it was hard not to laugh along with the childish pair.

A classic Big Brother moment, that's for sure.

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