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Jackie Hates Plastic People. Ahem!

Jeremy and Kenzie actually bothered to give Jackie some time for a chat this afternoon, and the trio had an interesting conversation as a result.

During their International intercourse, which initially covered topics such as music and culture, Jeremy had a moan about false people, stating that it means nothing to him when he receives compliments from those who don't know him.

The actor was sniping at the sort of people rife in his chosen career, where it's almost their job to tell you that you're good all the time.

Jackie agreed, saying, "I don't like plastic people," making reference to the 'Have a nice day/ miss you already' culture in the USA.

Then Jeremy, who had previously struggled to avoid mentioning the word plastic in front of Jackie (hehe), added that he hated that kind of 'plastic state'.

The conversation went-on to cover politics, the fact that Jackie had been in the Whitehouse, the medical system in America and the price of fuel, both here and overseas.

When quizzed if she owned a car, the palm-reading expert revealed that she had six, including a Roller', a Mercedes convertible and a Jaguar.

Blimey, the 'PC' brigade would be up in arms if she lived here. 'Two Jags' Prescott has nothing on this 'gal!

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