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First Nominations: Who Nominated Who?

Here's who each housemate nominated during the first Nominations of this series, which took place on Day 6 having been postponed after Germaine left.

Bez' first choice was Jackie, because she completely upset the balance in the house when she arrived. He stated that her arrival had upset Brigitte, someone he quite likes, and then went on to say, "We don't want Sylvester Stallone coming over the wall... setting traps all over the house!" Bez' second nominee was John, mainly because he had ruined the recent task and refused to be a jester during the medieval task. "I thought he was a bit of a d***head at the time," said Bez of John.

Bez' nominations: Jackie and John

Brigitte's first nomination went to John, because of his 'sad behaviour' during the medieval task and because he's, "Very, very rude". Also, Brigitte was not happy about the way John puts people down over their looks when he is an ugly man himself. Brigitte's second choice was Jackie, someone she had not seen for 20 years. "I nominate her, hoping to stay in the house and have a more serene time," said Brigitte of her ex mother-in-law, re-iterating that it had come as a huge shock to see her walk in.

Brigitte's nominations: John and Jackie

"Initially he was driving me crazy... he's incredibly sexist," was what Caprice had to say of her first nominee John, noting that he insults everyone. Also, his snotty, blistered nose was grossing her out! Caprice's second choice was Jackie. Acknowledging that she can be entertaining, Caprice nevertheless wasn't happy that Jackie's arrival had upset Brigitte. Regarding the tasks in particular, Caprice remarked, "She can't hack it".

Caprice's nominations: John and Jackie

Jackie first tried to nominate herself for doing nothing around the house, and then didn't know the names of the people she wanted to choose. "Late 30's, sleeps on the top bunk, can't speak English very well, bad teeth," was how she described her first choice, Bez. It was his teeth that bugged her, combined with the fact that she couldn't understand him. "Tall handsome one," was Jackie's description of second nominee Jeremy, adding that he just seems to be killing time in the house. Jackie added that she wouldn't date either man if they asked her. Good job, 'cos it ain't never gonna happen while there's a sun and a moon!

Jackie's nominations: Bez and Jeremy

Jezza's first choice was Jackie because, "She's not really gonna' contribute anything (to the house)". Stating that she was 'on another planet', Jeremy cited how Jackie does nothing for herself, she just sits there. His second nominee was Lisa, because she gets stressed and ratty, is bossy and bad mannered, and doesn't make eye contact.

Jeremy's nominations: Jackie and Lisa

About his first nominee Bez, John said, "I wonder what planet he comes from... or what galaxy?" Suggesting that he's a nice enough bloke, John then described Bez as simple, boring and not very intelligent. Also, the way Bez laughs at the end of every sentence annoyed him intensely. Caprice was John's second choice, because he'd learned nothing about her since entering the house over a week ago. John then described the model as cold, calculating, wrapped up in herself and inanimate, before suggesting that she's only interested in making money.

John's nominations: Bez and Caprice

John was Kenzie's first nominee because, "He doesn't really pull his weight". Kenzie then stated that John often makes sexist comments and referred to the one he made about putting The Booby in second class, while he flew First Class. About his second choice Jackie, Kenzie accepted that she is old, but said that she's too demanding. "I've not seen her do anything," said the youngest housemate, after noting their different backgrounds.

Kenzie's nominations: John and Jackie

Lisa went for John as her first choice, because she was still upset with him for his lack of participation within the group. Also, she noted that he had one level of speaking voice which was always booming, and that he never did anything for himself. Talking about her second nominee Jackie, Lisa said, "We'd just got into a groove and she turned up". After mocking Jackie's obvious plastic surgery, Lisa opted for the traditionally vague nomination reason of, "She (was) the last to arrive, therefore I think she should be the first to leave".

Lisa nominations: John and Jackie

So, the tally at the first round of nominations, was:

Jackie: 6, John: 5, Bez: 2, Caprice, Jeremy and Lisa: 1, Brigitte and Kenzie: 0.

Before being told the result, John had correctly predicted that he and Jackie would be up for eviction this week. Upon hearing the news, Jackie had no idea what would happen next (obviously), but John looked rather pleased and thought it would him leaving on Friday. Jeremy found the situation very amusing and said, "I may be smiling, but I'm crying inside!"

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