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First Nominees Announced

The nominees facing eviction for the first time this series have now been announced. They are:

Jackie and John.

Frankly, John's name was no great surprise and neither was Jackie's, once the nomination procedure had been changed to include her.

These are the two people that Bez and Brigitte thought would be up for eviction in a late night discussion last night; Jackie because she hadn't really done anything and John because of his ridiculous tantrum over the diet cola.

To be honest, it's almost a one-horse-race and in our opinion, it won't be eccentric racing pundit John leaving on Friday night.

But as always, that's down to you, the voting public, and we're quite glad that it looks as though moaning old git John McCririck is set to stay for a little while longer.

We're thinking of having a flutter on the likely outcome of this eviction and if you wish to do the same, please check-out our CBB3 Betting Zone section for more details.

Who stays, who goes? YOU decide! Voting lines are now open and will remain-so until Friday night.

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