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Jackie Thinks Kenzie Is Well-'Bread'

Evidently Jackie doesn't "do" getting things for herself, so the newest member of the group was delighted this morning when Kenzie played butler.

We imagine that at home in the good old U.S.of A, the famous Mum gets waited-on hand and fist, perhaps having a clutch of musclebound and beautiful manservants ready to feed her grapes and respond to her every whim?

Well, this is England, so today she had to make do with a skinny, spotty, pasty teenager to help her make toast instead!

Picking-up on the fact that the ancient astrology expert was struggling to get her head around the concept of making toast, a chivalrous Kenzie offered to help.

But, not happy that she was being molly coddled again, grumpy resident-pig John had another whinge, prompting Jackie's retort of, "That guy needs to be straightened up".

"Life's tough enough without being insulted by a nobody. Has he looked in the mirror lately?" said Jackie, talking to Bez and Brigitte.

Erm, has she?

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