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Housemates Play X-rated Spin The Bottle

All the housemates bar Jeremy played a raunchy game of Spin the Bottle tonight and even old wrinklies Jackie and John joined-in the fun.

During the s*x-based questioning, Caprice asked Brigitte what the craziest thing she'd done with a guy was, and the answer drew gasps from the group.

For the bold blonde claimed that she'd once carried-on 'making love in an elevator' when other people entered the lift!

A surprisingly game John was asked how many partners he'd had in total and the answer was not many. "Certainly not more than a dozen."

Bez answered one question by revealing that he once had two groupie 'chicks' come on to him, but when it was his turn to quiz John, the Manchester boy struggled.

"It's difficult asking John questions... I don't really want to know the answers," said Bez matter-of-factly, even though the oft-cantankerous Booby-magnet was sitting right near him!

Along the way, there was talk of threesomes, oral s*x, anal s*x, favourite positions, respecting virginity and the world's best lovers.

On the latter subject, Jackie claimed that Italian men were the worst lovers. "The most overrated men in the world," she said, talking from experience but perhaps not realising (or caring) that Brigitte's current partner is Italian. Oops!

But it was John who posed one of the most amusing questions, perhaps having sensed Kenzie's teenage testosterone levels brimming over?

"What would you do if a busty, 41-year-old actress made a move on you?" asked a self-amused John, glancing at Brigitte as he quizzed the Blazin' Squad rapper.

But 19-year-old Kenzie kept his cool and earned a cheer from the group with his answer of, "My phrase is 'one for the team'."

He would then, we take it?!

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