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The Posh Nosh Party

Big Brother has provided the group with a dinner party tonight for successfully completing an earlier task.

During the 'Wheel of Misfortune' task, the housemates earned shots of spirits or liquor by answering general knowledge questions correctly. However, if they answered incorrectly, they got a taste of something foul instead.

With that task complete, the all-seeing entity corralled them in the bedroom and prepared their feast: a posh meal consisting of salmon, guinea fowl and vegetable quiche.

Mmmm, a slight improvement over chick peas and pasta!

"This is what we are supposed to eat every day," said Jackie, who was no doubt chuffed that Big Bro had also provided plenty of plonk, something she expects with every meal.

But messy-eater John was the most gratified housemate and toasted the generosity of Big Bro by raising his glass and announcing, "Long live Big Brother, he's a splendid gentleman".

Okay, so we all know that Big Brother is a genderless entity, but it no doubt makes allowances for John's ignorance.

Well, everyone else in the house has-to!

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