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Being On Big Brother? It's A Doddle

Usually, the Big Brother housemates chat about their BB experience right from the word go, but this celebrity bunch have taken a while to broach the subject.

Chatting in the lounge area this afternoon, Kenzie, Jeremy and Caprice discussed what it was like waiting to come into the house.

Youngster Kenzie said that the period just before the series started was the scariest time of his life. Jeremy stated that he too was nervous and couldn't stop thinking about it over Christmas and the New Year.

However, Caprice wasn't fazed by the commitment, claiming that after agreeing to do the show, she just got on with her daily life and forgot about it.

"I wasn't nervous because I knew I didn't have to do anything," said the model, but Jeremy wasn't concerned about what he might have to do, rather who he might meet once inside the house.

The thought of being driven mad by someone he didn't get on with was the ex-Hollyoaks actor's worst fear.

And there was sympathy from the other two contestants, when Jeremy stated the run-up to entering the house was much worse than actually being on the show.

Come on Big Bro... Jezza's obviously having it too easy in there, so let's see some of your evil streak unleashed. What about taking away his hair care products for starters? That'll mess him up!

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