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John vs Jackie: Round 1

Newest member of the group Jackie wasn't exactly up bright and early this morning, but when she did eventually surface John decided to have a pop her.

Not happy with the amount of effort the 'Bo Selecta'-faced old bird had put-in so far, John scathed, "You do nothing around here. You're completely wrapped up in yourself".

Erm, HELLO? Talk about pot calling the kettle black?

However, Jackie wasn't fazed by this verbal attack and calmly responded by admitting that she'd contributed zilch so far. "It's not my goal in life to organise a group of kiddies," added the ancient astrologer.

But grumpy John wasn't giving up so easily and snapped, "You can't be pathetic all your life". That's rich, coming from a man who refused to speak for a few days because he couldn't get his own way!

In response, Jackie gave as good as she got, coming back with, "Do you think I'm here to please you?" She then noted that no-one had brought a cup of tea to her bedroom, possibly getting confused and forgetting that she wasn't actually in the Ritz?

After telling John that she thought he was supposed to be some kind of intelligent being, Jackie pondered whether she was in a house with a bunch of morons.

Ahem. No comment!

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