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Germaine's Opinion Of The Group

Talking to Davina after leaving the show, Germaine gave an opinion on all her former housemates. Here's what she had to say:

On Lisa - Davina noted the aptness of Lisa taking the role of Queen for the medieval task and Germaine agreed, in-so-much-as-to-say that Lisa was bossy.

On Caprice - "She is very beautiful, she has the most perfectly toned body I've ever seen in my life. She has a will of iron and nothing about her is spontaneous; not one action, not one word."

On John - "I do think there's something odd about him," said Germaine, stating that he verbalised his responses exactly the same every time. When Davina asked if she had a soft spot for him, Germaine answered in the negative and said that he, "Got everything wrong," suggesting that he liked her for all the wrong reasons; because she did the housework.

On Kenzie - "He's adorable! First of all he's intensely creative. He's aware of everyone, he never blanks anyone - you can talk to him about anything. He's completely uncalculating and he's there for a good reason." This seemed at odds with Germaine's previous statement about everyone having an agenda, something that she was clearly not happy about.

On Bez - "Bez is a walking miracle; it's a wonder he can put one foot in front of the other!" Referring to him as Baz at one point, Germaine added that she loved his positive disposition, stating that, "He finds happiness in a mound of dust!"

On Jeremy - "He's gorgeous. I was a bit mean at first - I thought this guy's business is being likeable." But she admitted her opinion of him began to change today when she enjoyed beating him at caps.

On Brigitte - "I was concerned about her, it turns out that she is going through a very, very difficult divorce."

When asked by Davina who she wanted to win the series, Germaine replied, "It's a faint hope, but I would like Bez to win, because he needs the money very badly and he would make very good use of it... and I'd like Kenzie to come second".

Although there is a potential £50k prize for the series Winner, evidently Germaine isn't that good a judge of character, as Bez has already admitted that he intends to spend the majority of his appearance fee on a brand new £20,000+ Mazda coupe.

Not the actions of someone who's desperately skint, is it? Good luck to him though, and all the remaining CBB3 housemates.

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