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Jackie Eligible For Today's Nominations

The Nominations will take place today and all housemates can now be nominated.

Yesterday would have been the first time the group gathered to nominate, but due to Germaine's sudden departure, the producers had no choice but to postpone the procedure.

However, the game continues and the 1st Nominations are now set to take place this afternoon instead.

In a last-minute change to the rules, recent arrival Jackie can now nominate others and be nominated herself, thereby scrapping her permission to influence the other housemates' decisions.

Not that she actually had any influence anyway, so it was a bit of a wasted gesture from the all-seeing one.

This turnaround is evidently a response to the reaction of Brigitte, Germaine and the viewing public; it looks very much like Big Bro wants the bulbous-lipped one to leave as soon as possible.

The result will be broadcast during Thursday night's coverage and the first eviction will go ahead as planned on Friday night.

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