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Germaine Gives Her Reasons For Quitting

Germaine left the house yesterday afternoon of her own accord and here's what she had to say about the decision to quit:

Talking in the diary room, the renowned feminist told Big Brother, "I don't consider myself a housemate anymore. I'm leaving. I don't need the money badly enough. The rainforest will be fine, I'll save it in other ways".

"I was a little naive. I didn't realise agendas. Caprice is here to raise awareness of her lingerie. Brigitte is a professional Reality TV person. Kenzie wants to raise the profile of his band. John probably needs the money. I had no idea who would be in here and it's wrong for me to present myself in the same context as they are. I'm 65 and you can't teach an old dog new tricks."

The qualified Professor elaborated on her reasons for leaving by adding, "I didn't expect this level of squaller, either mental or actual. I shouldn't have done it... I've made a mistake".

The thing is, if you look at our teaser story from the day the show started, we hinted that Germaine would be one of the contestants by saying, 'Think of feminism and be surprised at this female's inclusion'.

We said that because her inclusion genuinely came as a shock to us, knowing her stance on Reality TV. Germaine confirmed her views by telling Big Bro before she quit, "Everybody knows I despise of Reality Television".

You have to question why she did it then? Draw your own conclusions on that one, but her experience demonstrates well the possible evils of money.

After having left the house, Germaine was interviewed by Davina and said that although she felt a bit upset about quitting, she couldn't stand to see the bullying going on inside the house.

Germaine referred to how the housemates and Big Brother had taunted John over (his lack of) diet cola, prompting Davina to take the first opportunity to read from her Official Channel 4 script and point out that everyone had asked John to join-in.

Davina then went on to wheel out yet more Official spiel and play down the bullying accusations, by saying, "The amazing thing about Big Brother is that if you work your issues through, it can turn around".

The host then offered that John was now joining-in, but neglected to note that this was as a direct result of Germaine's mutiny, not because he'd suddenly decided to act reasonably.

"Big Brother is a bully," re-iterated the ex-contestant, going on to explain that housemates generally have no idea whether things happen by accident, or are contrived by Big Brother.

She also cited problems with the temperature inside the house and the lack of milk.

But out came the Official line once again, as Davina suggested that Big Bro can always be approached, saying, "In the welcome pack it says if there's any problems with maintenance or...", but Germaine didn't allow her to finish.

"Please?" snapped Germaine, in a 'don't patronise me' way.

The introduction of Jackie was the final straw, as Germaine felt that Brigitte was vulnerable and needed protecting, but she couldn't really challenge the older party, Jackie.

Davina's last (and obvious) attempt to mitigate any backlash from Germaine in her newspaper column was the statement, "But you don't need to protect her," before re-iterating that all housemates were briefed to expect the worst.

However, it fell on deaf ears as Germaine quipped that if she'd stayed, what next... they airlift her mum in from a nursing home?

Finally, when asked by Davina if she'd enjoyed the experience, the somewhat predictable answer was a short and sharp, "No!"

It was a slightly disappointing interview, not least because Davina proved that she has little integrity these days and also because Germaine appeared to be holding back on what she really felt.

Oh well, keep an eye on the papers for the full nitty gritty.

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