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It's Oh So Quiet

It was a quiet night in the Big Brother house tonight, following Germaine's sudden exit earlier today.

With everyone subdued and fast asleep at one point, the group were no doubt recovering from the drain of the past few days. And what an eventful few days it has been?

They've had to contend with John refusing to talk or join-in, combined with the inconvenience of the medieval task, then Jackie turning-up, Brigitte going off on one, the revolt against Big Brother and finally Germaine throwing the towel in.

Phew, it's no wonder that no-one has the energy to stay awake, or even to speak.

Still, around midnight, Caprice, Brigitte and Bez were still up and noted that Big Bro appeared to have given the group the day off today. No nominations, no tasks, a lengthy lie-in and plenty of food provided.

Brigitte suggested that the all-seeing entity was probably just letting them recharge, ready for another week of hassle. And knowing Big Bro like we (fans) do, she's probably not wrong!

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