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Kenzie's Coke Joke Backfires

The boys played a practical joke on John tonight, but it went a bit 'Pete Tong' when the grumpy former mute unleashed his fury on the wrong party.

Having sulked and not spoken to the group for a number of days, the bizarre-behaving racing pundit was back to his usual self following last night's revolt against Big Brother.

So, to celebrate his return to the group, Kenzie and Jeremy decided to play a practical joke on him by locking-up the fridge so that he couldn't access his cola.

The b*****ds!

On discovering the chains, John went mental and immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion, heading straight to the diary room to bend Big Bro's ear.

However, it soon became apparent that the oft-evil entity was not to blame, forcing John to mumble an apology and then march into the lounge to find the culprits.

"This is not funny!" he hollered at his fellow housemates, re-iterating his annoyance by adding, "It's thoughtless. Your jokes are not funny".

Caprice offered an apology but was quickly shouted down.

"NEVER play practical jokes on me again."

Not wanting Caprice to take the blame, Kenzie admitted that he'd come up with the idea to try and lighten the mood. Erm, knowing John's previous reaction to being deprived of his cola, how was that ever going to happen?

John soon calmed down after a series of apologies and Jackie congratulated the eccentric old git for livening up the day with his outburst.

Admittedly, it was a totally misjudged prank, but you 'gotta laugh!

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