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John Pines For Germaine

She hasn't been gone long, but some members of the group are missing Germaine already. Well, John is at least.

"It was a huge loss," said the Tic-Tac-tical housemate as he chatted to Kenzie this afternoon. "Germaine was the one person I wouldn't want to lose from here. The one person you learn from and admire."

The pining sixty-something was missing her so much in fact, that he visited the diary room on more than one occasion to ask Big Bro if it could convince Germaine to return to the house.

The thing is, it was partially his babyish behaviour that drove her away, so he must shoulder some of the blame for her sudden departure.

Jeremy evidently wasn't grieving the loss quite so heavily, as he secured Germaine's bed for himself no sooner had she walked out the door.

Oh well, life (in the Big Brother house) goes on and it looks like Brigitte has now decided to stay.

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