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Germaine Has QUIT!

Following last night's mutiny against Big Brother, arguably instigated by feisty feminist Germaine Greer, the 65-year old housemate has dramatically quit the show.

She visited the diary room at around midday today and asked Big Bro to return her suitcase so that she could pack her belongings.

No doubt the producers tried in vain to cajole Germaine into thinking it over, but there was no negotiation this time.

About her decision, the Australian author said, "I'm leaving over specific issues, but (it's) best for everyone if I don't discuss them. I have a problem with decisions, I make them fast and when I make them, I stick to them".

She has already left the house so there is no going back, which is a huge shame as we were enjoying being entertained by Germaine's considerable wit and obvious intelligence.

Also, we had her pegged as the eventual Winner of the show, but sadly, that's not to be.

Whether there will be a replacement, or more to the point, whether Brigitte will now back down or follow in Germaine's footsteps, remains to be seen.

Stick with BBO to find out.

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