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Kenzie 4 Caprice?

In a frank chat with Brigitte approaching dawn this morning, Kenzie admitted that he would like to go to bed with Caprice!

The teen housemate consoled 33-year-old stunner Caprice last night during the Revolution, and on more than occasion used a slightly dubious hands-on approach to do so.

To the cynical viewer, this might have looked like a drunken attempt to gain an experience to brag about to his Blazin' Squad buddies, rather than a genuine gesture of sympathy and compassion.

Then again, what red-blooded young lad wouldn't want to get closer to such a beautiful girl, especially as Caprice undoubtedly looked cute in that medieval costume?

"(Caprice) is a glamour model at the top of her game," said Kenzie as he chatted alone with Brigitte, perhaps not even considering that his description could once have been applied to her and so may have offended.

"Would you spend the night with her?" asked Brigitte casually, to which Kenzie quickly answered, "(Of) course I would! I'd be mad to turn the offer down".

Doh, stupid question Bridg'.

The thing is, we're not entirely sure that, pop star or not, that particular offer is ever likely to be forthcoming.

Oh well, sweet dreams Kenzie mate!

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