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Talk About A Revolution?

There was high drama in the house into the early hours of Day 6, as the whole group revolted against Big Brother and Brigitte seriously threatened to quit the show.

It was looking like the arrival of Jackie Stallone was not going to produce the anticipated fireworks and seemed as though the likely outcome would be John quitting the show through lack of attention.

However, as Brigitte warmed the bed for Queen Mum Jackie at around 2am, she look very distressed and muttered to herself that it was now a personal matter. Rather obvious really, given that Jackie is her ex mother-in-law.

Suddenly, in bursts Germaine and Lisa to declare that the group had stopped playing along with the medieval task and were revolting against Big Bro.

"I think, Big Bro, you might have overplayed your hand," declared main instigator Germaine, just before putting Jackie to bed.

And now that the group were united in defying the evil entity that effectively controls them, John suddenly became very vocal and joined-in to actively encourage the revolt. His self-imposed silence was over.

In the main bedroom, a sozzled Kenzie got totally hyper about going against the all-seeing one and Bez threatened to riot. Predictably, Jeremy remained the least vocal, but supported the group by removing his costume.

Meanwhile, Lisa, Caprice, Germaine and Brigitte chatted non-stop in the lounge, during which Brigitte revealed that she intended to leave the house and was angry that 20-year-old news (i.e. her and Sylvester Stallone) would now be dragged-up in the tabloids.

Lisa got upset, Caprice tried to reason with Brigitte and when Bez joined the group, he did his level best to encourage everyone to stand together and quit, as ex-contestant Tim Culley had done during BB3, but without success.

However, Brigitte was adamant that it was a personal matter and when feisty feminist Germaine noted that the producers had also taken advantage of Jackie, Brigitte claimed that she was fine with Jackie these days. Hmmm.

As the housemates relentlessly talked over one another, Germaine dissed Big Brother's stunt by saying, "None of us wanted to be involved in something so tacky".

The conversation continued for a couple of hours until housemates began dropping off to bed one-by-one. However, Brigitte and Kenzie were still up chatting past 7am and by that time, the highly stressed actress had made up her mind: she was leaving for sure.

But will the 41-year-old Dane carry out her threat and if so, how will the remaining housemates treat newbie Jackie, who was tucked-up in bed oblivious to the whole episode?

Keep it here to find out.

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