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The 'Surprise' Housemate Arrives: Jackie Stallone

A surprise ninth person joined the group by entering the Big Brother house tonight, and as we speculated earlier today it was Sly Stallone's mum Jackie.

As the 71-year-old astrologer, palm reader and bum-reader (we have no idea! - Ed) walked through the door, the housemates of 'The Court of Big Brother' were lined-up waiting. For what, they didn't know.

Coming as a shock to everyone, the mother-of-three arrived wearing copious amounts of bling and ex daughter-in-law Brigitte was the first to clock who it was, shrieking, "Oh my God... I don't believe it! It's Jackie!"

However, as she tried to take it all in, the Hollywood Mum look rather stunned herself and was less than complimentary about her new home.

"I put all this gold on, but didn't know I was coming to a dump like this," said Jackie, appearing to have been duped by the producers and apparently expecting to stay in a castle!

As the boys showed their 'Queen Mum' around the gaff, an increasingly concerned Brigitte told Germaine and Lisa, "You will have to tell the guys to entertain her because I don't want to be alone with her".

Meanwhile, Jackie seemed almost oblivious to every aspect of the show's format, hilariously saying at one point, "Who is Big Brother?"

It looks like the group will have their hands full looking after the new contestant, who's exempt from being nominated at the 1st Nominations, but is otherwise very much in the game.

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