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The B*tch Is Back (In The Room)

Queen Lisa indulged herself in a right Royal bitching session this evening, aimed squarely at renowned feminist Germaine.

As Duchess Germaine prepared the evening meal, Lisa, Caprice, Brigitte and Bez gathered in the bedroom and began tittle-tattling about the oldest housemate.

"I don't wanna be lectured at," moaned Lisa, referring to a conversation she'd had with Germaine about penetrative s*x. Brigitte concurred that neither her or Lisa had been able to get a word in edgeways during the conversation.

With his best diplomatic hat on, Courtier Bez stuck up for the missing servant, saying, "She said this morning (that) she is struggling".

But the girls weren't having it and moody 'Queen of Attention' Lisa quickly replied, "So bloody what? We all are". However, their bitch-fest came to an abrupt halt when Germaine, her ears possibly burning, walked into the room!

Earlier in the day, Lisa had complimented Brigitte's food, prompting the tallest housemate to have a bitch about Germaine's bossiness in the kitchen.

We're now wondering if, in time-honoured Big Brother tradition, the group will be happy for Germaine to cook everything for a while and then suddenly moan about how she dominates the kitchen?

If so, it won't be long before she starts receiving nominations, as-is the usual course of events in BB when a group decides to discard its resident chef.

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