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Is John McCririck For Real?

This is something that quite a number of fans have been e-mailing us to ask, but to be perfectly honest, here at BBO Towers we've been asking ourselves the same question.

After all, surely no-one could be that chauvinistic, sexist and bigoted, could they?

It's one thing having the ba**s to say things to people's faces rather than going behind their back, but who would display such an intense lack of tact and diplomacy in the way John has with all his offensive comments?

Jeez, you thought previous BB contestants Jason Cowan and Federico were bad? They've got nothing on old John boy.

Maybe it's just an act in order to ensure he gets attention? Perhaps it's part of a bizarre gameplan, we don't know? One thing's for sure: we must keep John in the house as long as possible.

He is undeniably a real character and is providing fans with some compelling viewing. Also, he claimed that he wants out quickly and said that he's only in it for the money, so lets make him suffer!

Of course, this means that we have to keep Caprice, Brigitte and Germaine in for a while too, to provide John with someone to dig at and someone to reign him in.

That might sound harsh on the girls, but they know the score and have been paid thousands to appear, so it's entirely justified. Remember, it's only a game(show). They'll get over it.

Erm, we're starting to sound like John now!

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