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John's At It Again, This Time With Brigitte

During a chat about plastic surgery at bedtime, the King of Tactless Behaviour managed to offend the girls again. Yep, that'll be John!

With Lisa having said that she would never consider surgery, Caprice sympathised, but Brigitte suggested that she would like the crow's feet around her eyes removed and also the lines from her forehead.

In response, and with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, John asked why Brigitte didn't cover-up her forehead with a fringe, quickly adding, "You're hair is awful. It's terrible, like a boy's hair".

Sticking-up for her fellow female housemate, Lisa snapped, "(Like) she should really take fashion advice and beauty tips from YOU?"

Caprice then stated that Brigitte is beautiful, but John was not deterred and continued his attack as if she wasn't there.

"Look at her forehead, it's not attractive," said the unquestionably ugly chauvinist, prompting Caprice to eventually snap and tell him that his comments can hurt people's feelings.

"We're not talking about the way you look... you want us to go there?" barked the semi-angry model, raising a laugh from the group in the process.

Then, in response to John's cutting remarks, the girls amusingly likened his facial hair to 'long p*bic hair'. However, Brigitte herself held back from retaliating, even though the insults continued.

As the conversation moved to her much-younger boyfriend, John once again gave his opinion:

"You're 40-odd, you've had dozens of men and this is just another one," he declared matter-of-factly, before suggesting that Brigitte wouldn't be with the same man in ten years time.

Again, Caprice said what everyone else was thinking when she told John that he was disgusting and hurtful. "Stop it now," demanded the 33-year-old.

But John continued to belittle Brigitte and went-on to waffle about how his own wife was lucky to have him, until the big guns came out - Germaine walked into the room.

"That's enough John, we are turning you off now," said the powerful feminist, immediately shutting him up and receiving a round of applause for her efforts.

You go, girlfriend!

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