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"Take It From Me, Mr Tea!"

John was playing the sophisticated connoisseur of tea tonight, but got caught-out by the superior knowledge of culinary expert Germaine.

Dithering around in the kitchen, the Booby-magnet was trying to work out how to use the kettle at first and then offered his bag of posh tea around the group for a sniff.

"Who wants proper English tea... from a pot?" he asked the group, only to be pulled-up by a pedantic Germaine.

"No tea is grown in Britain," corrected the eldest housemate, going on to lecture her less-wise associate about where tea is grown and what plant it comes from etc.

Eventually, having acknowledged that he'd been shown-up for his ignorance, John simply tutted and said of his pretend-foe, "Could anyone be married to this for any period of time?"

Well, judging by what we've seen so far, you'd have to be a 'crazy fool' to stay married to you Johnny boy!

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