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1st Task - Getting To Know You

This afternoon Big Brother set the group their first task, during which they could win luxuries from their suitcases, something the evil entity had held on to since they arrived in the house last night.

The task was a test of how much the group had learned about each other in the short time they'd spent together.

Before it began, the housemates drew names from a vanity case in order to find-out who'd answer questions about who.

Later, they were called in turn to the diary room, while the rest of the group gathered on the sofa in front of the plasma screen, to watch the proceedings.

First up was Bez, who incorrectly answered a question about Brigitte. He therefore had the choice of taking either her PJ's or her make-up and luckily chose the former, thereby pleasing the Danish actress.

Next in the hot seat was Brigitte, who successfully answered a question about Lisa and saved both her eviction outfit and her new underwear.

Caprice managed to rescue Germaine's spice tin and bras from the clutches of Big Bro, by also answering her question correctly.

Germaine failed to answer her question about Kenzie correctly, losing him his sheepskin slippers but saving his jeans.

Jeremy got his question about Bez wrong, meaning that his sunglasses stayed behind, but at least he got all of his left shoes.

John, possibly distracted by the sight of Caprice's underwear, nevertheless managed to get his question right and exited the room with both her thong and her chewing gum.

Kenzie failed to answer his question about Jeremy correctly, losing his entire suitcase in the process. Oops!

Lastly, Lisa was successful, thereby saving John's big cigars and comedically large underwear in the process.

The best bits were when Kenzie made-out that all he wanted to get out of appearing on the show was a chance to so some charity work. In fact, the answer he'd already given to Big Bro was that he wanted to pull a glamour model!

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