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Kenzie's A Minger (According To John)

Not content with having already verbally abused Brigitte, Germaine and Caprice, John decided to start on the youngest person in the house today.

As the group lounged around in the bedroom, major mouthpiece John told baby-faced Kenzie that he wasn't very good looking.

"You're just a little squirt," started John, before nonchalantly adding, "You can't help it if you aren't very good looking".

That's rich, coming from the boot-faced sexist, who's evidently totally oblivious to Kenzie's status as a 'pin-up' member of a boy band, considered by many teenage girls to be one of the 'fittest' in the band at that.

"I don't know a thing about Blazin' Squad, but I can't believe any girls fancy you," concluded John, seemingly following to the letter the McCririck book on how to make friends and influence people!

Bizarrely, John then complimented Kenzie on his demeanor and even told Big Brother that the young rapper was a credit to his generation.

John also seems to want Kenzie to learn from him and become some kind-of protege in the ways of the world.

Erm, not advisable Kenzie, me old mucker.

The thing is, having seen John's way with women and heard about his Public School education and early sexual encounters, maybe his behaviour represents repressed 'admiration' towards cute-boy Kenzie (if you know what we mean?)

Or, perhaps it's just a combination of jealousy and ignorance?

YOU decide!

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