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Bedtime Bonding

Approaching 2am on Day 1, and some of the housemates were settling down to bed. The same bed!

As Jeremy got ready to hit the sack, he suddenly realised that the double bed which he'd nabbed earlier was actually a water bed.

Upon hearing the news, Brigitte asked, "Can I try it out?", to which the ex-Hollyoaks actor excitedly replied, "Come, one and all!"

So, Brigitte and Lisa rushed into his room to try it out, making for some pseudo 'three-in-a-bed' action.

Wow, CBB3 is turning-out to be much more exciting than the previous, rather staid Celebrity series... and it's only just got going.

As that trio bonded in the separate bedroom, Bez and drinking buddy Kenzie were the last housemates to stay up, drinking and chatting in the lounge area until the early hours of the morning.

As the two music men bonded, both were chuffed over the fact that they'd got to ogle Caprice and Brigitte in the jacuzzi already. Bez also talked about what he intended to spend his appearance fee on, a brand new Mazda RX-8.

So that'll be the standard topics of conversation for boozing blokes then? - Cars and girls.

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