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John Offending Someone? It's a Racing Certainty!

Reacting to John's cringeworthy nose-picking comments, Caprice declared her disgust by half-jokingly saying, "You're disgusting John!"

"That's what Booby says," came the proud response, the man smiling at his own comment. However, the tactless Tic-Tac man then turned things more serious by launching a verbal attack on a shocked Caprice.

"Women like you have had it easy all your lives," he began, referring to the fact that she was very pretty and presumably got things her own way.

Then, after further condemnation and in a statement which was less-than-flattering to his own wife, John obnoxiously stated, "The best thing for men is to go out with ugly girls".

After yet more waffle directed at Caprice, Germaine eventually stepped-in and shouted down the bigoted baldy, saying, "John, for f***s sake... leave the woman alone. You know nothing about her".

Later, Kenzie advised Caprice to just ignore him, which prompted the model to note that it was only the first day and also to speculate on the almost certainty of fireworks to come.

We can't wait!

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