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Controversial Conversation

With a heavyweight commentator like Germaine Greer in the group, we didn't think it would be long before things got political in the Big Brother house.

And she didn't disappoint tonight, as the practising journalist engaged in a pool-side discussion with Brigette that included talk of abortion, the recent Asian Tsunami disaster, the Ministry of Defence and the US Government.

With Jeremy, Bez and Kenzie keeping out of it, John suddenly decided to put his five eggs in, controversially saying, "When is Africa going to help itself?"

This prompted Lisa to get involved and the conversation started getting a little heated, before Germaine suggested that they shouldn't really be talking about politics on Kenzie's birthday.

The conversation then inexplicably turned to farting, something that John bizarrely claimed was good for you.

"Every time you flatulate, you live for another 10 minutes", was his dubious claim. What a fantastic excuse? School kids: take note!

Still, we think he's just talking a lot of hot air, especially as the repellent racing man went-on to claim that picking your nose and eating the bogies was also good for you.

"I enjoy it," he declared proudly. Urgh, that's gross.

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