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John Makes His First Boob-y

Less than three hours in, and John McCririck made his first boob tonight when talking about his wife, affectionately known to him as 'Booby'.

With a casual mention of the nickname in front of his fellow housemates, they looked puzzled until the non-PC pundit coldly talked about, "The woman I'm married-to," and defined the term as meaning: 'A bird who is stupid and pathetically easy to catch'.

What a charmer!

Caprice reacted in shocked laughter, her mouth agape, and Germaine Greer couldn't believe her ears either. But the sweaty-headed sexist went-on to launch a verbal assault on renowned feminist Germaine.

"The misery (that) this woman's caused...", he began, before completing his attack with, "Encouraging women to be above their stations".

But the sisters weren't having it and Lisa promptly waded-in to the conversation. However, ignoramus John was not deterred and then started on Brigitte by talking about how many men she'd had.

Like he knows?

Caprice looked thoughtful and horrified at the same time, making John's later comments about her having 'lust in her eyes' for him seem woefully inaccurate.

Funnily enough, we have a feeling that hell will freeze over before Caprice becomes the new 'Booby!'

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