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Celebrity Big Brother 3 - Who's In The House?

Well, no-one is yet, but with the start of Celebrity Big Brother 3 just hours away, the question on most fans' lips is: "Who's set to enter the Big Bro house later this evening?"

Aha, now THAT would be telling!

There's been lots of speculation lately, but we already know the identity of the eight fools... erm, 'fantastic celebrities' who've agreed to be scrutinised by us fans over the next two weeks.

Unfortunately, we can't say who they are just yet, but at the risk of Channel 4 sending round the heavies to duff us up, we've prepared some cryptic clues to help you work it out. Here goes:

It could be 'tall' tale, or this feisty foreign actress might actually be going in.
This old'un is rather partial to his 'Tic Tacs'.
She's a model and she's looking good (in lingerie). Also acts and sings.
This guy was in a band but is not remembered for playing an instrument.
This female Radio/TV presenter got the sack for not turning up.
Your little sister or niece might know who this 'fiery' young contestant is.
Think of 'feminism' and be surprised at this female's inclusion.
Lastly, he's not a real nurse, just ask Rachel Stevens.

Any help to you, Big Bro fans?

Of course, to find out for sure who the Celebrity eight are, you'll have to tune-in to Channel 4 tonight at 9pm, when Davina will launch the series and put you out of your misery!

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