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Who'll Win Tonight? YOU Decide!

It's the last day of the series and tonight, one of the remaining three housemates will be crowned the overall Winner and scoop the £40,000 prize money. But who's it likely to be, Bez, Brigitte or Kenzie?

To be honest, we have no idea!

Some Polls have suggested that it'll be a win for Kenzie, some say Bez. A few say Brigitte, so we're really confused.

What's causing this scenario, we think, is the visitor demographics of the various websites around the net. In other words, the visitors to this site are generally older fans and are therefore perhaps drawn more towards Bez and Brigitte?

However, the younger fans who frequent other entertainment websites might be drawn to Kenzie. But why should he win?

To be honest, we're not sure that he should, in the same way that a rubbish picture drawn by a 6-year-old shouldn't really beat a 12-year-old's amazing effort as it always does in Children's TV competitions.

Kenzie has definitely joined-in with everything and had a laugh along the way, but his rapping has possibly irritated as many viewers as it has impressed?

Also, Channel 4 seem to have played-up his vulnerable, innocent, naive persona, when in fact Kenzie has a reputation for bedding the girls when on tour.

His comments about using girls just for s*x have generally not made it to the edited highlights and are not that far away from some of John's blatantly sexist claptrap.

Still, although he hasn't really got involved in the in-depth discussions during his time in the house, he's a nice enough young lad... but is that reason enough for Kenzie to win Big Brother?

Thinking of Bez, we have to conclude that he's a bit of a tricky character to work out. We thought that was going to be some kind of uncouth, crass idiot, but Kenzie has actually sworn much more than Bezzie has.

With his slightly slurred speech, Bez hasn't come across as the most intelligent of guys, but has shown that he does know a thing or two about life during various serious conversations.

He alienated himself from the group by famously sticking-up for Jackie and commanding respect for her, so it came as no surprise to hear the news that Bez went skint to make sure that an elderly neighbour didn't lose her house.

So, despite throwing the odd wobbler here-and-there, which he managed to recover from, Bez is a decent enough bloke deep down and actually seems to have learnt a lot about himself whilst in the house.

He apparently needs the prize money but will possibly spend it on a car, so is that reason enough for Bez to win?

And finally we come to Brigitte.

We liked Bridg' right from the start and although she hasn't been quite as feisty as we would have liked, she's definitely involved herself in everything and has produced some fun moments along the way.

The introduction of Jackie and possibly the domineering nature of Lisa seemed to drag her down, but she bounced back and has shown more of her crazy side of late. Brigitte also scores brownie points from us for doing her fair share of staying up late, as does Bez.

During her time in the house, Brigitte has involved herself in lots of proper, interesting conversation, even if she talks about her family quite a lot - so what, she's proud?

She will also be remembered for taking the role of mother figure, counselor and latterly, cook.

So, BB fans, who's it gonna' be? Kenzie evidently wants to win, Brigitte has said that she doesn't mind if someone else wins and Bez told Brigitte recently that he wants her to win.

And for that humility, amongst other qualities, we'd like one of the latter pair to win Celebrity Big Brother 3 in tonight's Final. But we don't decide who wins, YOU do!

Best of Luck to all three contenders.

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