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5th Official Evictee: It's Jeremy!

What with Caprice's eviction having taken place just 20 minutes before, Jeremy probably thought that he'd successfully made it to the 'Final Four'; the number of housemates who traditionally survive until the last day of the series.

However, Big Brother had other ideas!

For towards the end of her interview with Caprice, a mischievous Davina said, "Please don't take this the wrong way but I do LOVE evictions... (so) why don't we have another?!"

After taking a vote count, the long-time Big Brother Host transmitted live to the house and suddenly announced the 5th Official Evictee: it was Jeremy, who would be kicked-out immediately.

With just 12% of the public vote, Jeremy was nowhere near next contender Brigitte in the voting stakes, so he really was just 'flying under the radar' as the less controversial characters often do during Big Brother.

Not that he wasn't controversial at times. In fact the Londoner's rather harsh treatment of Jackie when she was announced as a nominee, and also when she departed, arguably lost him some respect outside the house.

His impertinent and disrespectful comments were supposed to be a joke, but the 33-year-old was more successful with the practical jokes played on his peers, in cahoots with best pal Kenzie.

For a start, there was the time the playful pair locked-up the fridge so that John couldn't get his cola. In light of the latter's previous 3-day 'wobbler' over being deprived of the fizzy fluid, it was certainly a cruel trick but was undeniably very funny!

Jeremy also became the 'Phantom Logger' on Day 7 and humorously revelled in the fact that John got the blame for his toilet-based antics. This encouraged partner-in-crime Kenzie to keep-up the unpleasant shenanigans right to the very end.

Talking of whom, if Jeremy is remembered for one thing above any other, it would have to be for making Kenzie laugh. Despite the age difference of 14 years, the pair got on like a house on fire and shared lots of funny moments during their sixteen days together.

Jeremy's obvious wit shone through during the medieval task, when he played the part of Courtier to Lisa's Queen. But the actor didn't always join-in with things, snubbing a game of Spin The Bottle one night in order to avoid questions about his private life.

He later stated that he didn't want to discuss his failed relationship with Rachel Stevens, but then famously went on to talk about it.

That said, Jeremy gave little away about himself generally and knowing that he is a big fan of the show, this prompted some viewers to suggest that he was merely 'playing the game'.

Still, he played it safe and came 4th overall. Fair enough and well done Jezza.

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