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4th Official Evictee: It's Caprice!

With just two more days to go until the series was due to end, Caprice has become the 4th Official Evictee of Celebrity Big Brother 3, the fifth person to go.

The public have been voting for a Winner since the beginning of the week, and having outlasted Germaine, Jackie, John and Lisa, Caprice nearly made it to the Final Four.

However, in the end, the international model received just 5% in the public vote, meaning that she wasn't ever in the running to win quite frankly.

Caprice was evidently the 'totty' element as John put it, and certainly got the boys' attention... including that of old sweaty-head himself!

Indeed, John tried to encourage Caprice to 'get 'em out' during his twelve-day stay, and was accused by the 33-year-old beauty of french-kissing her neck when celebrating his success in a task. Ewww.

Potential toy boy Kenzie also couldn't take his mind off Caprice and talked about her loads in the early stages, even suggesting on Day 6 that he would sleep with her if the chance arose.

Yeh, like that was ever 'gonna happen?

Fellow red-blooded male Jeremy actually got to lay his hands on the famous boobs during Day 8's body-moulding task, and subsequently declared that his pals would be 'getting the drinks in' to celebrate his achievement!

Caprice will definitely be remembered for her fantastic contorted facial expressions when reacting to John's disgusting behaviour and sexist comments. However, her face is also memorable for being plastered in make-up and showing little emotion.

Talking of which, it was hard to tell when Caprice was being genuine - whether she really felt for her housemates when defending them, or if it was some kind of act. Her oft-whiny and patronising tone didn't help, even if she was just being genuine.

One thing that Caprice cannot be accused of is not joining in. She got stuck in to every task and played every game, the most memorable night for us being the first night of the medieval task.

Caprice was very funny indeed playing the part of Queen Lisa's dresser and her brilliant 'pantomime character' performance really made us laugh. Unfortunately, the highlights didn't show the full extent of the fun had by Lisa, Caprice and Bridg'.

Had Caprice gone into the house and talked about herself non-stop, she would no doubt have been accused of being egotistic. However, at her departure we were left feeling that we knew very little about her personal exploits or her character.

Harsher critics might suggest that perhaps there's not much to know re: the latter?

Anyway, so long Caprice, and well done for hanging in there and surviving John's terrible behaviour!

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