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Bez Wins Cash In 'Tar And Feather' Task

This afternoon, Big Brother set the group a task whereby they could win a possible £10,000, and it was Bez who scooped the cash.

The scheming entity has always said that the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 3 would get upto £50k, so it was obviously planning this task right from the start.

What the five celebs had to do, was don their swimming cossies', get into a tub of syrup and ensure that their bodies were as sticky as possible. They then had to roll around in a trough full of fake £5 notes, representing a fifth of the overall prize money.

In this tar-and-feather like game, the person with the most notes stuck to them won the opportunity to answer a question, which if answered correctly, meant they got to keep £10k for themselves.

Before the group knew about that second part however, the housemates were given the chance to opt-out and Brigitte did just that... bet she's a bit gutted now?

That said, if Bez, who'd managed to collect the most fake £5 notes (over £5000 compared to the others' sub-£1500 efforts) had got his question wrong, then the other four would have shared the £10k prize money instead.

However, Bezzie did eventually answer his question correctly, which was:

Which country uses the 'dong' as currency? Bulgaria, China or Vietnam.

The answer was Vietnam and upon hearing that was right, the former-dancer shouted, "Go on, nice one!"

So, Bez has a guaranteed ten 'grand in his back pocket and the prize fund now stands at £40,000.

Get in!

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