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More Mind Games

Big Bro has been playing more mind games today, by delivering the housemates' suitcases as it usually does prior to an eviction.

The five were freaked-out by Lisa's eviction on Wednesday night and sat waiting for a possible eviction last night, which never happened in the end.

But what would they make of BB's latest move?

Jeremy thought the omnipresent one had decided to be nice and return all his clothes - he's been without them since the first task. However, that was a little naive in light of this morning's breakfast stunt and in fact, the suitcase was empty.

"They took all my f***ing stuff out!" whinged the actor. "W****rs".

Of course, the suitcases are returned so that the housemates can pack for a possible eviction. So that'll take, oh, about ZERO seconds in Jeremy's case! Heh.

"Someone could be going tonight," said the 33-year-old, pretty-much stating the obvious.

There's no flies on our Jezza... just bits of sausage and egg!

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