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Breakfast In Bed

Not content with playing ghastly sounds into the house to wake the housemates up, Big Brother changed tack this morning and decided to throw food at them.

What the...?

The mischievous entity had evidently spent time rigging-up special trap doors in the ceiling and installed cooked breakfasts above the beds, ready to drop.

He he.

At a quarter past nine today, Big Bro informed the group that they would be receiving 'breakfast in bed'. But what the all-scheming one didn't say, was that the housemates would literally be getting the food in their sheets!

Just as the contented bunch lay licking their lips in anticipation, there was a sudden downpour of sausages, eggs, beans and a bit porridge thrown in for good measure.

"You w****rs", scathed Kenzie, jumping off his bed.

Caprice was also caught-out by BB's unusual way of serving the full English brekky and was not best pleased at the smelly mess left in her lap.

Meanwhile, lightening-quick Jezza managed to get out of the way in time and Bez was sheltered by the top bunk.

Brigitte had already got up, but her brave teddy took the full brunt of the fry-up instead. She was not a happy bunny.

Hey celebrity housemates, the next time Big Bro offers you breakfast in bed, forget the knives and forks... just get your umbrellas ready!

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