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Keep Your Hair On Love!

Nicotine-deprived Brigitte finally lost it tonight and snapped at Bez, threatening to knock him out!

It all kicked-off when the group were sat boozing in the sofa area and Bez, playing barman, offered to top-up Bridg's glass.

However, the notoriously clumsy maraca man slipped and split beer all over the 6ft 2 inch actress.

"You don't have to pour it all over me," barked Brigitte, but Bez tried to play his mistake down by saying, "Oh stop your moaning".

The Danish blonde immediately showed her feisty side, snapping, "I'll knock the teeth out of your mouth if you ever speak to me like that again".

You go girl! That's more like the kind of behaviour we expected from Brigitte when she arrived; she's been far too nice up until now.

Continuing her jokey-but-serious warning, Brigitte added, "I'm a patient person, but if you step on my bad toe I'll knock you over," before citing how certain housemates had seen what she can be like when she gets going.

The thing is, this is just what her peers expected and is the reason she was nominated recently by a couple of them in the fake 3rd Nominations.

We can't wait to see if Brigitte throws a massive wobbler at Big Brother, like Nadia famously did during BB5!

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