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Eviction Paranoia Takes Hold Of The Group

After Lisa's sudden eviction last night, the group were taking no chances this evening and dolled themselves up ready for eviction.

Despite the fact that Jeremy and Kenzie are big fans of the show and would have seen Stuart Wilson's similar exit during BB5, the way Lisa was evicted came as a massive shock to them.

It has certainly made everyone totally paranoid today and the group have convinced themselves that one more housemate would be leaving tonight (Thursday).

However, the next eviction is actually set to take place on Friday night, but the famous five donned their glad rags just in case.

With the two girls taking ages to fix their make-up and then some, the boys dug-out their best togs and sat around waiting. The group decided that they would give it until 10pm, when an eviction should have taken place if it was ever going to.

Of course, we knew that it wasn't going to happen, but it was entertaining watching their paranoia in action throughout the evening!

There was lots of speculation and 'listening out for crowd noise', but all they heard in the end was planes flying over. At around 10pm Caprice and Bez were staring up into the night sky like there was going to be alien abduction or something?

"It's so messing with us. It's unreal," declared an edgy Caprice as Bez tried the traditional 'Oggy, oggy, oggy!' chant. However, there was to be no 'Oi, oi, oi' in response, as there wasn't a crowd within the compound to shout back.

But super-paranoid Caprice was even suspicious of the motorised cameras following the pair around. "They're so on us, it's ridiculous," said the anxious model in her usual Friends-like manner.

Erm, guys, that's the idea of the show... you know, your every movements are followed and recorded by 39 cameras. Remember?

In the end, they decided that there would be no eviction tonight, but there was still apprehension when Jezza was called into the diary room by Big Brother.

It would have been good if Jeremy had been taken away, thrown into the bedsit and only allowed to communicate with the other four via the plasma screen, 'Poltergeist' style!

Now there's an idea...

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